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Carpet cleaning services Hastings /
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How do we clean carpets? Well not with a Rug Doctor, vax or any other domestic style machine, but using years-long experience, some of the best industrial equipment and chemicals available on the market.

MK Cleaning Services ONLY use our own photo’s of our own work carried out for domestic clients. Carpet cleaning in Hastings as well as in St. Leonards on Sea, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Rye, Seaford, Royal Tunbridge Wells and across entire East Sussex is the best way to effectively clean your house. Very cheap carpet cleaning doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain! They are cheap for a reason, as the saying goes “You get what you paid for”.

How powerful are the carpet cleaning machines cleaning your carpets, what cleaning products do they use, and how much water comes out of the carpets after the clean?!

Cheap chemicals can eat away at your carpet, and if the carpet machine is not powerful enough, the water pressure needed to clean right down into your carpet fibres could mean you’re only getting surface dirt removed! You need the suction power of powerful carpet machine that will take out as much water back out from your carpet. Just because a carpet smells clean after it has been cleaned doesn’t mean it’s deeply cleaned, meaning you might have to pay twice to get the result you need!

Our carpet cleaning machines are powerful, clean deep into your carpet fibres and due to the suction power of our machines, gives quicker drying times. All our chemicals that we use are 100% Eco friendly, and will not harm pets, babies, or cause damage to carpets. We will always let you know before we commence any work, what to expect with the clean, highlighting what may come out and what may not.

We clean both domestic and commercial carpets throughout East Sussex. We currently clean nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries, schools, and carpets for letting agents/landlords as well as cleaning many domestic customer’s carpets around East Sussex.

Domestic cleaning services Hastings / St. Leonards on Sea / East Sussex

Our company can offer you widest range of best quality cleaning services within the entire East Sussex county. Most often we realise our office / domestic cleaning services in Hastings, but the area serviced includes also the following:

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